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Disclaimer: I am currently writing this after a 7 hour party train from Rostock to Düsseldorf - not to mention on top of 2 hours of sleep and 72 long hours of 'trust building' with 660 of my wonderful co-workers. We are almost large enough to start a cult, at least it sounds that way when we start chanting 'tri-va-go'.

trivago on tour party train


I have now been working at trivago for nearly a year and a half and my excitement from last year's tour (read about it here) - which predominately consisted of the unknown, has now been replaced with even more excitement for what will be and what was trivago on tour part deux. 

trivago on tour party train

The talk of the trivago town months before the trip is always something along the lines of “Where do you think we are going?” As rumors are whispered throughout the office, I always ask myself does is really matter? To be perfectly honest, I would not have noticed the difference if I was on a train to France, kayaking on the sea in Sweden, or partying in Italy (okay, it might have been a little warmer, but that is not the point). The only thing that matters is the positive energy from 660 diverse individuals who have moved from all over the world to work for a company that is so much more than a metasearch engine. trivago is a company whose culture challenges the status quo and enables entrepreneurial minds to create something worth talking about. 

In fact we are so curious, I heard (through the grapevine, of course) that a few people created an 'algorithm' to find a hotel that can accommodate 660 people for 3 days in September just so they can figure out what to pack a few days before everyone else. 

Although I am not sure if they were correct...This year we had the pleasure of traveling to the stunning Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne a yacht club, located just 30 minutes from Rostock, Germany. We went from hiking in the alps to sailing on the Baltic. Let's not forget partying even harder than years prior. I am still trying to comprehend how the train did not derail, but I guess that is what the open bar is for. 

the tour starts here

This year we were set to leave Düsseldorf at 11:59pm - team North America decided to line our stomachs with schnitzel and beer at a brewery before venturing to the train station where we then found out the train was delayed by an hour...or two. Although energy levels plummeted for a quick minute while waiting in the rain at 1am, the train eventually arrived and Marco was there with his speakers to raise the energy levels from zero to hero in just a matter of a few seconds. 

Fast forward 7 hours, a lot of drinks and no sleep later we arrived at the Rostock HBF where we found ourselves struggling to enjoy breakfast seaside. That sunrise though. 


Naps on the beach, trivago Olympics, dress to depress dinner.

trivago Olympics


They decided to test our endurance when welcoming us to the hotel with cocktails, a speech from the managing directors and the infamous beach-themed trivago Olympic games. Let's keep in mind no one has slept yet.  

congratulations. we made it to dinner. 

After a couple of hours of rest (finally) we were taken to a gorgeous strawberry mill for dinner. The decor was lovely, and so was everyone's attire. It was quite entertaining to see 50+ nationalities view on 'Dress to depress'. 



triathlon-ing (trivago style), bath robe drinking & "a relaxing night of casual karaoke" 

bathrobes & cocktails  - it's 5 o'clock somewhere

we love singing the backstreet boys


Kayaking, Spa-ing & Partying

After a torrential downpour, I decided to skip lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon getting a massage and relaxing in the hotel's gorgeous spa area. Well played yet again. 

let's get fancy

The formal night is always something to look forward to - after all, it is not too often that a company with a 'start-up' atmosphere gets to wear something a little fancy. 

there we are again singing the Backstreet Boys on the tables... 

The Party Train to Düsseldorf

enough said. 

In short, this is just another reason why I love waking up and going to work each and every morning. Cheers to trivago for making this happen, and can't wait for the next time. 

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PS, Did i mention We're hiring ? Jobs @ trivago