What did you do last Sunday? I will make a general assumption and say it started off rather regretfully as you replay snapchat stories, and wonder why you decided to order a pizza pie at 4am.  The next best decision at this point would consist of mindlessly putting on your favorite j.crew sweater, loafers, throwing your hair in a top knot bun and ordering black coffee, freshly squeezed OJ & eggs Benedict from your favorite boozy brunch spot down the street. Kudos to you because that sounds like a dream to me. 

bouldering mallorca

Surprisingly enough, last weekend was slightly more adventurous than a mouth watering mimosa. I spent it Coasteering on the East side of Mallorca; jumping off jagged cliffs, repelling off seaside ledges, swimming deeply into dark caves, all while getting lost in the current. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday with coworkers - not to mention the perfect way to celebrate a birthday other than eating a disgusting amount of tapas.


Let's get physical.  

I guess I took it upon myself to make our guide my boyfriend for the afternoon...
"Help me, I'm Poor."

"Is my GoPro on?"

"Don't Look Down"

Encouraging words from our guide. 

Taking The Plunge

Mind over matter, eh?

Feeling the adrenaline.

A heard of whales frolicking in the deep blue sea. 

Don't let me fall

but seriously, don't let go of the rope.

Trusting each other a pitch black cave.

Ah, we survived. After four hours of adventure, we drove to the north of the island to spend the evening at Cap Formentor, a stunning beach with waters clearer than crystal and a drive for adrenaline junkies worldwide (narrow, winding roads is an understatement). 

It is worth the drive, I promise.