a photo guide to mallorca

One of the many incredible perks of my job include the opportunity to spend up to 24 working days from our Innovation Center in Palma. Although our offices in Dusseldorf are pretty incredible, there is something special about driving to the beach after a long day in the office -- perhaps it feels like home. Plus when you come home to this villa, it is nearly impossible to feel down. 

Home Office, 2.0.

Insert Palm Tree Emoji, here. 

trivago house mallorca

that sunset though. 

mallorca sunsets

Given that many of the fifteen of us in the house had ever really explored the island before, we took suggestions from the seasoned veterans in the office, alongside a variety of guides from around the web. This is what I'd suggest. 

Rent your own DeLorean

Okay so a Fiat 500 is not exactly a DeLorean (Back To The Future reference), but renting a car is 100% necessary to get the most out of your time in Mallorca. They are relatively inexpensive and we ended up getting it from O.K. Rent A Car (highly suggest it!) They have a free shuttle from the airport and wonderful service. 


Chasing Summer & The perfect sandy beach

on the road mallorca

North | Cap Formentor

Looks Like Thailand, Stunning Drive, Crystal Clear Water

cap formentor water mallorca
crystal clear water mallorca

Pit Stop

(on the way to Cap Formentor - Stop where all of the cars are at the top) 

Southeast | Es Trenc

Feels like the Caribbean, Nudist-friendly, Near a Salt Factory

Get Salty

On your way back from Es Trenc, the long winding dirt road will lead you to a quaint salt factory named Flor de Sal d'Estrenc (which is hard to miss) - go inside, grab some spanish salt, oil & a freshly roasted cappuchino. 

Eat: Molî De Sal

& then we discovered this beautiful and secluded restaurant, Moli De Sal,  to the left of Flor De Sal which was so incredible we drove back a week later just to eat here. The Prime Rib -- SO JUICY. 

Southwest | To Be Determined (still figuring this one out)

Secluded, Cozy, Remote & Rocky

West | Port D'Andratx

For the sunset lovers, nice surrounding area, calm atmosphere

Southwest | Cala Major

Nice restaurants, centrally located, sandy

Never Ending Tapas  

My two favorites in Palma: Naan & Bar Espana

Sick of the beach? Go Coasteering

Read about it here: Cliffs & Coasteering Mallorca

The most important thing about Mallorca

Good company. Enough said. 

Until next time Mallorca -

if you've got questions on where to go just comment or email me! 

en route mallorca
Traveling with  VOCIER  Luggage 

Traveling with VOCIER Luggage