Where is Per Northern Lights Tromso by nikoali schirmer

The midnight sun has subsided and the equinox has initiated a change in the far North, a change from one light show to another. While I have seen the sky light up with dancing ribbons of saturated greens, purples and reds... last night was something else. 

We decided to meet at 20:00 and drive out into the darkness. After one hour of good tunes and a quick petrol stop, we parked the car, fired up our headlamps and started ascending to the top of Brosmetinden, a cliff that drops 500 meters straight into the sea with views one could dream of (though not as intense as it sounds because it's only a 20 min 'hike' to the top). The light show had already started and mother nature was not being humble. 

Nikolai was already snapping away when I realized I made the rookie mistake of forgetting my SD card for my camera, classic. It was almost a sign from the aurora gods to disconnect and simply enjoy (as it is not often I get to do so).  I decided to put everything away and just look up for once. The entire sky was moving, swirling, dancing, exploding, streaking, and flashing. I think you get the point. 

While I personally have nothing to show but a mediocre description, Nikolai snapped a few bangers so I thought i'd share with the class, enjoy & give him a follow.