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Well, hello again virtual world, it has been a while!

A quick update: Simply put, life has been really busy the last few months. With travel, work, learning a language and getting settled in new places the little things that one is passionate about sometimes gets put on the back-burner. In my case, that would be keeping up with Where Is Per. A passion project that I use as a guide for myself, friends and those who are interested to stay updated and interested on the worlds coziest coffee shop corners and vast mountain ranges. Anyways, I have lined up about 5 blog posts that I’ll be distributing in the coming weeks, so thanks for reading. 

The Arctic Diaries 005

Most of winter was spent in Tromsø, Norway. A destination where the sun does not rise above the horizon for 2 months. Though a tough place to live, the days are seemingly brighter when in good company. 

When the sun came back again. Photo:  Max Lander  for  Pukka Travels

When the sun came back again. Photo: Max Lander for Pukka Travels

One of my projects was to facilitate and concept a Pukka Philosophy video that helps tell our brand vision. With the HUGE help of Max Lander (videographer), Red Rainey (script & voiceover) and the entire Pukka Team we created the video below. Hope you enjoy, and I'll try to keep more of those blog posts coming! 

Watch The Pukka Travels Philosophy: