swedish summer where is per

Summer in the nordics. Darkness evaporates as spring flowers bloom around each and every corner, sprinkling an array of color throughout quaint villages populated for 3 months out of the year. Comparing Tromsø to the weather everywhere else in the Northern hemisphere, summer is pretty much in full bloom (I am on a flight from Greece to Tromsø right now where it's snowing, it is also May 31).

midnight sun in tromso SAS

During a weekend with impeccable weather Robert and I decided to take the boat out into Stockholm's gorgeous archipelago for an evening of camping (please note: I have never been camping before).

After spending the day at Stockholm Sisters an event (to integrate refugee girls into Sweden) put on by the Nema Problema Foundation, we drove to the boat loaded on the kayak, warm clothes, a tent, sleeping bags, cushions, and pre-made salads from the grocery store.

defender land rover sweden

We were on our way at around 19:00, a few hours before the sunset. As the boat cruised away from Stockholm, the sunset started beaming saturated hues of golden oranges, deep hues of cotton candy pinks and pastel purples. Talk about magical. 20 minutes later or so, we entered into a protected bay and chose a camping spot where we could watch the sunset and easily go kayaking.  

the set up

I started to put together my first tent as a 25 year old while Robert tied up the boat. It was the easiest tent I have ever seen, connect the sticks, put the cover on top, throw the duvets inside... not the most photogenic camping set up... but voila it was done in 5 minutes (okay, i'll admit I had a little bit of help towards the end).

As the sun set in front of us we enjoyed our salads while slowly realizing we forgot the power cords for our computer. Please keep in mind we had zero intention of digitally detoxing for these hours, more like setting up a remote office in the woods. With our phones at 5%, we went kayaking, brushed our teeth and attempted to watch a movie, as per usual I fell asleep within the first 8 minutes. I was secretly hoping a moose knocked on the door to say hello, but that was only in my dreams.

The next morning was rather chilly so we decided to eat breakfast, pack up and head back to Stockholm where there was warmth and power.  

waterskiing wednesday  

A couple days later, we were planning on going indoor rock climbing but when the weather was 75 degrees and sunny, a group chose to head out to the same spot (pre-made salads included) for a water skiing session if you could brave the cold. 

getting there

 I flew my first drone... over water, on a moving boat (naturally), made new friends and enjoyed mother nature at its finest.

the water skiing

sunsets & salads

Marcus even made a guest appearance for a couple of minutes because hey, why not?

Looking forward to more summer nights like these. For now, I am back on a plane to Tromsø heading up to Svalbard to design tours with Duen III & Pukka Travels for 2018. If I see a polar bear, I am never coming back home (until I start craving summer again).