Well, now that I've got your attention you might as well take a gander at the naked beauty of Mallorca, Spain. This 36 hour trip was one for the books - sand, sun & the sea. I booked my flight 3 hours before it took off from Düsseldorf (at 5:30 in the morning.)

The Route 

The moment I landed I knew I was in for a warm treat --- even though I had no hotel, no phone reception, and absolutely no idea where I was. So where do I begin in a situation like this? I asked the information desk at the airport where the closest beach was (insert clueless american here) the kind man at the desk pointed me in the direction of Playa de Palma (something like that). So I took bus no.21 for about 5 min, got off and aimlessly wandered into a hotel and asked if they had any availability for the night. Voila! I couldn't help but laugh for a couple of minutes when I walked 100m onto Platja Ca'n Pastilla; the white sand on the beach danced effortlessly with the soft waves of the Mediterranean sea - I knew I was in the right place.

The next 8 hours were rather simple - toes in the sand, drink in my hand. 

Cheers for the weekend Mallorca, it was a good one. 

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