Location: Woyton coffee shop. 

The order: Iced cafe latte avec homemade granola and plain yogurt


I greatly appreciate a strong cup of coffee (preferably iced) and a cup of homemade granola in the morning. I often find myself riding my bike along the Rhein 8 min. in the opposite direction of my office just to taste the cold brew "classic on the rocks" Woyton has to offer in düsseldorf.  


Café culture isn't about the caffeine kick or the mason jars that it's served in. The ideal coffee shop makes one feel like they are snuggled up on their couch on a gloomy Sunday morning (you all know the feeling). The aromas and sounds remind me of hearing my father grind and brew fresh coffee beans each and every morning before school. Not to mention, sitting and sipping a cup of coffee is the perfect excuse to people watch. 


There is something intimate about coffee shops. Perhaps it's the smells, sounds, memories and stories behind each space. Or rather it is because people often find that their cup of coffee, cappuchino, or cafe au lait is a little "pick me up" on any given good, bad or mediocre morning. Simply put, That cup of coffee will never let you down. 

Life is too short to sleep, enjoy a cup of coffee and keep on keeping on. 

 Speak soon,