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Although visual inspiration can be ingested from any tangible object or abstract personality, it is in the eyes of the beholder to digest each experience as they would like to interpret it. Funny how life works out because it was always a dream to start my career in the big apple. After interning in the fashion industry for a summer it was safe for me to say there is much more to explore in the world than feeling locked up in the concrete jungle (my personal opinion, of course). Even though the city is not for me at this point in my life, there is certainly a specific feeling every time I emerge into the hustle and bustle of 42nd street from the Lincoln tunnel. The city is a place where people can strive on an individualistic American dream. This dream may consist of working tiring hours, rushing to meetings and feeling claustrophobic; it can also consist of exploration, adaption and personal growth.

Hanging out in Tudor City. 

Hanging out in Tudor City. 

I had 72 hours in New York, and the energy collected throughout this weekend is very inspiring and hopefully radiating to others. 


chocolate mousse, impeccable service & endless movie watching 

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long island 

vintage photos, american baked goods & family time 

New York City  

Interior Decor, Architectural Genius & Inspiring humans 

the ladies & the lads 

Because a destination means absolutely nothing unless you're able to meet inspiring people with contagious energy along the way. In this case, I was able to be reunited with some of my inspiring and talented friends and family members.    

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Until next time, NYC. It is always a pleasure. 

lufthansa flight sunset

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