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I tricked you, yet again. If you didn't read my post about Topless Tanning in Mallorca, you might want to have a gander before you read this one. Regardless, the French Riviera is yet another perfect destination to tan that beautiful bod. Cannes is what glamour, luxury and sophistication is all about. I had the chance to live and study abroad (laughing out loud, just a little) in Cannes 2 years ago - one of the reasons I started WHERE IS PER. Well, I thought two years was long enough so I decided to book a weekend trip back to one of the cities I used to call home. 


11:15am | Flight from Dusseldorf --> Nice

Une bouteille de rosé s'il vous plaît

3:27 | Arrived in center Cannes, dropped our bags off at the Hotel and walked straight to Baoli Beach located right along the croisette for a bottle of rosé, lunch and people watching, obviously. 

Reunited with the Sea 

17:30 | The sun was still high in the sky, shining brighter than ever. My vitamin D deprived body craved the salt water against my skin and sand beneath my toes so we wandered over to the public beach for a little nap in the sunshine. C'est la vie. 

Muscles and High Heels 

20:00 | After a quick shower, I put on a pair of heels and strolled down la croisette. We passed the yachts in the harbor, around the corner to the palais where celebrities grace the red carpet each year at the film festival draped in the finest designs from world renowned couturiers. Although this time, it was the finest web designers wearing vans and chinos as it was the Cannes Lions festival (The film festival of creativity). We ended up wandering into the old town where my body craved fresh sea food a la a french chef. Xavior, a man who has been my waiter more times than not was still there and still graced me with a kiss on my hand and service that would rival one of the top American restaurants in the world. Muscles in a white wine sauce were on the menu for the evening. Succulent could not even begin to describe them. 



07:00 | My all time favorite memory of Cannes was waking up with the sun, putting my nike's on, going for a morning run, and then straight into the sea. No one is awake and the water could not be more refreshing after a sweaty jog. A cappuccino is a must for the walk home. 


10:30 | The Grand Hyatt Martinez Hotel's beach club, Z Plage is the perfect place to bronze for the day, even topless. Crisp towels, white umbrellas & beautiful people embody this club. 

French Cuisine & Rosé, Part II

19:00 | We ended up walking to the old town again to eat at Le Relais des Semailles - a bistro so quaint it feels like you're being served in the living room of a french chateau. Plus, the menu epitomizes everything about french cuisine, not to mention it is the absolute best place to people watch (a favorite hobby of mine). Rosé bottle count: 3. 


22:00 | That dinner was not going to burn itself off, so we hitched a left up the 100 stairs or so to the 'top of cannes' where the lights are magnificent. The streets are cobblestone, narrow, quaint & draped in the most beautiful of foliage.  


More tanning, More swimming & More rosé drinking.

Sunday & Monday were essentially the same as Saturday, although we ate at Pacific Express, another great place to people watch and indulge in seafood. Monday we went back to Nice and headed home to Dusseldorf. Total Rosé Count: 6. 

Oh & you can't forget to have an ice cream (or five) in Cannes... You're body will thank you (insert ice cream emoiji here).  

ice cream la croisette cannes
ice cream cannes

Until next time Côte d'Azur. Miss you already. #CannesIsYours

Speak soon,