social travel summit hamburg

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling from Dusseldorf to the beautiful city of Hamburg for the Social Travel Summit with trivago. For those who are not familiar, the Social Travel Summit is a conversation style conference where some of the world's leading industry representatives, bloggers and destinations gather to develop "best practices and collaborative success in travel marketing and publishing." 

hamburg alster

A little visual review is good enough for the 3 day work trip - 

Hamburgers in Hamburg (obviously)

at Hans im Gluck

hamburg, by morning

Morning Runs, Sunshine & Sailboats

Hamburg, By Night

Rooftop Bars, Bright Lights & Church Tops

Hotel East, designed by originals 

Urban, Tasteful & Luxuriously Modest  

that sink though.

Let's Talk travel  

why yes, that is a pocket phone charger. 

fika breaks & swedish cookies 

Swedish Fish... Get it? 

let's not forget about the Norwegians...

visit norway drinks

& another rooftop


Oh, Swans don't enjoy CAPPUCCINOS. 

swans in hamburg

Cheers to all of the amazing bloggers, destinations & fellow industry representatives I met along the way. Get inspired at trivago's blog, checkin and let's create something worth talking about. 

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P.S. there are so many other reasons for working at trivago.

Example: trivago on tour!  


Speak soon,