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Once upon a time, nearly three years ago I ventured on a three week expedition traveling by tuk tuks (read: Tuk Tuk Talks), trains (read: Indian Night Trains) & tigers (not really, but elephants will do) throughout the hustling and bustling streets of India, crossing the border over to the tranquil mountains in Nepal. It was by far one of the best trips I have ever experienced as previously mentioned in a few not so detailed blog posts.

Long story short, of my five memory cards taken on the trip, one of them miraculously 'disappeared' through transit. Devastated at the time, I eventually got over it as new adventures were documented. As I was organizing my camera bag from my latest trip to Chamonix, I could not help but notice a seemingly familiar 16G memory card playing a not so funny game of hide and seek at the bottom of my camera bag. As I plugged it into my laptop I thought it would turn up empty -- boy was I wrong! Some of my favorite photos from India and Nepal starting popping up on my screen as if it were Christmas morning. 

I am a big believer that the most important aspect of traveling is not necessarily the destination, but the people you cross paths with along the way. This post is for all of those faces (from my most recent find + a few of my favorites) I had the pleasure of meeting throughout my journey. These are the people with stories that have an everlasting impact on a persons life, especially mine. 

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the photos: faces & places

the faces 

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