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It was a 'quiet' day in the office when I started to scroll through my weekly email blast of Bloglovin' favorites. As per usual, I was checking up on design hotels, street fashion from fashion week, and all things graphic design when I stumbled over a blog post that appeared far beyond any other. Popsugar, an all-embracing lifestyle blog whose philosophy is built around the power of happy sure as hell made me happy on that Tuesday afternoon. When I double-clicked "New Dessert Doughnut Ice Cream Cone You Never Thought Existed" I was expecting another Pinterestingly mediocre food porn post made to make me feel as if I could be the next Martha Stewart in the world. Not this one. 

Popsugar opened my horizons to "The Chimney" at Good Food, a quaint and cozy pastry shop in the heart of Prague in the Czech Republic. My heart started palpitating, my mouth salivating when it clicked; I was going to Prague in two weeks. I needed this in my life. It was all of my favorite delectable goodies in one masterpiece. A freshly fried doughnut, smothered in an absurd amount of sugar on the outside, Nutella on the inside, filled with a disgusting amount of soft serve vanilla ice cream. Diabetes for one, please & thank you (hope that doesn't offend anyone). 

Long story short, Prague's impressive cozy coffee shop corners, Baroque façades and gothic cathedrals had me on cloud nine, but "The Chimney" was the only thing on my mind. After a three and a half hour walking tour we finally found Good Food. We knew we arrived when we saw the hefty line down one of many cozy cobblestone streets. It was now our turn to experience what all the fuss was about. Sounds pathetic, but I was, if not more excited for this 2,000 calorie delectable dessert than a fourteen year old girl going to a Justin Beiber concert (or whatever is equivalent to that in today's society). So here we go - 

the exterior 

Good Food Ice Cream Doughnut Prague
Good Food Ice Cream Doughnut Prague exterior

the menu

I ordered the Blizzard Chimney with nutella... judge me, I dare you. 

I ordered the Blizzard Chimney with nutella... judge me, I dare you. 

the interior 

more than just ice cream filled doughnuts

Good Food Ice Cream Doughnut Prague Interior

making a masterpiece

1. The order - it is much harder than it looks. 

Good Food The Chimney Prague

2. Nutella anyone? Yes, please. 

Good Food Chimney Prague
Good Eats The Chimney Prague

3. The handover

The Chimney Prague Ice cream doughnut

4. The moment we've all been waiting for

The Chimney Ice Cream Doughnut Prague

love at first bite 

Prague Ice Cream Doughnut Popsugar
the chimney prague ice cream doughnut

aaaand just like that it was all over, as if it was all a dream. There was no shame in this indulgence whatsoever, and these girls had the same idea, along with the thousands who line up each and every week to taste the same thing. Moral of the story, travel near and far to try out "The Chimney" - it is worth every bite. 

P.S. 'Doughnut Disturb' thought of by Jill Eelman

Doughnuts not your thing?
Travel to Belgium for colossal Belgian waffles. 

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