It was finally Friday, not that I usually have enough time in each week to think about what specific day it is (they all start to blend together after a while). With that being said, I do get excited for Friday's when I have planned a little weekend getaway - especially for a one night stand with the quaint and cozy town of Maastricht in the Netherlands. This wasn't my first time visiting this town and it was even better the second time. 


From the moment we crossed the border the sun started to shine; the sky was painted with shades of rust and lavender (not something I see often --- the sun that is...insert life in Germany here) 

One night stands (15-24 hours in a city) are always better with someone who has a little more experience, which is why I couldn't have been more grateful that my wonderful coworker lives here. It is a great help knowing someone to find all of the local spots and places that are often overlooked. 

Maastricht is filled with quaint bakeries, matte black bicycles parked in front of art galleries, and cobblestone streets that lead to gothic style churches converted into bookstores (they even smell like barnes and noble - yes.) 

For dinner we wandered over to Café Sjiek to munch on the bread, devour the meat stew, and sip on the generous gin & tonics. The animations on the napkins and matchboxes are to die for and the bartenders were a little too generous. Thank you?

The morning after we shamelessly wandered into coffee lovers to reminisce about the night and make note of how much I've fallen in love - with the city that is (plus their coffee and family style atmosphere is pretty cool). Overall: get ready to be overwhelmed because everywhere you look it just keeps getting better. Don't forget to notice the little details like --- 

the bicycles & store fronts.

the little details.

Definitely look down.

& out. 

thanks for hosting me, jill & max.

ps - pack oversized sweaters - here is why. 

speak soon,