If one thing is for certain, I would not miss a Thanksgiving feast for the world. Seasoned roasted turkey, wild mushroom stuffing, tangy sweet and vibrantly cooked cranberry sauce, and brown butter mashed potatoes just to name a few (let's not even get into dessert).  Exhibit A: 

This year, I flew home expecting a similar smorgasbord of thanksgiving treats similar to last year, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that my family would take an unexpected trip to Honduras and Mexico, simply to follow the sunshine. It is not often we are all together, so why not trade in turkey, stuffing & moscow mules for fish tacos, guacamole & margaritas? 

First Stop: Roatan, Honduras  
16.3833° N, 86.4000° W

We arrived around noon, and went straight to a white sand beach where we indulged in fresh coconut water for the body & crystal clear salt water for the soul. 

Second Stop: Costa Maya, Mexico
18.7140° N, 87.7090° W

Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to spend it at Ibiza Sunset, a small beach club along the old town of Costa Maya. Owned by an American diver from Michigan, their hospitality was more than we could ever ask for - so was the food. Fresh guacamole, pina coladas & tacos. The perfect thanksgiving feast with the family - and what better way to digest all that food by the national sport of Mexican hammock swinging. 

Third Stop: Cozumel, Mexico
 20.4167° N, 86.9167° W

On our third and final stop of a short lived Mexican adventure, we decided to take a much more quiet approach to Cozumel. We spent the day underwater at a small reef with some new friends in lieu of tequila tasting at Señor Frogs. A last day well spent. 

Thankful for sunsets like this spent with my family. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all! 

Until next time,