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Topless Tanning: Mallorca


Topless Tanning: Mallorca

Well, now that I've got your attention you might as well take a gander at the naked beauty of Mallorca, Spain. This 36 hour trip was one for the books - sand, sun & the sea. I booked my flight 3 hours before it took off from Düsseldorf (at 5:30 in the morning.)

The Route 

The moment I landed I knew I was in for a warm treat --- even though I had no hotel, no phone reception, and absolutely no idea where I was. So where do I begin in a situation like this? I asked the information desk at the airport where the closest beach was (insert clueless american here) the kind man at the desk pointed me in the direction of Playa de Palma (something like that). So I took bus no.21 for about 5 min, got off and aimlessly wandered into a hotel and asked if they had any availability for the night. Voila! I couldn't help but laugh for a couple of minutes when I walked 100m onto Platja Ca'n Pastilla; the white sand on the beach danced effortlessly with the soft waves of the Mediterranean sea - I knew I was in the right place.

The next 8 hours were rather simple - toes in the sand, drink in my hand. 

Cheers for the weekend Mallorca, it was a good one. 

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The Yacht Week.


The Yacht Week.

And yes, I do know how to spell "yacht" but for those on the MS George Washington, everything with a Y is Dutch(j) with a hidden J. Anyways, The Yacht Week. Hmm, where to begin. It was one of the best experiences I could have asked for, and for those who are interested and wondering TYW is not luxurious, you do not have access to clean bathrooms, you shower on the back of a boat / in the ocean and coming across ice is as hard as finding a needle in a hay stack.

With that being said, that is exactly what makes yacht week so wonderful. It certainly takes a specific type of person to camp on a crowded 46 ft boat with 11 people in the sun for a week. The experiences that are shared are those to last for a lifetime, that is if you can remember them. 

The Crew:  

YW Italy was for the 'veterans' most of the people who joined the 20 boats have experienced YW in Greece, BVI or the infamous Croatia. I on the other hand was a rookie. I couldn't of asked for a better crew, everyone mended so well and it is like we knew each other for years. 100% American, 100% Freedom. All I have to say is Cheers Buffalo, and sadly I forget the name of the other game but KOOOOOOOSH. 

The Yacht Week | Where is Per

The places:  

Sicily is beautiful, but wow. When you are on the open waters with the freedom to do anything and go anywhere it really is breathtaking. If we sailed past a small bay we stopped, well if we could find another boat to anchor to considering our Pov Boat's anchor was disabled to say the least. We climbed active volcanos, swam with jellyfish....., jumped off cliffs and swung off ropes from the side of our boat all in the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

cave climbing in Italy

The people of the Aeolian islands were so kind and generous. They were always willing to help and point a loud group of americans in the right direction.

Hitchhiking in Sicily - the things we do for canola oil. 

Hitchhiking in Sicily - the things we do for canola oil. 

I would have to say my favorite moment of the trip was climbing the volcano, as lame as it might sound it was surreal and we could have been on another planet and no one would have known. We were the only boat to climb the volcano in the morning with a private guide and we were literally the only people on the entire mountain. MAGIC. 

topless volcano hike

(I may or may not have gone topless for a little bit - bucket list - check)

The Food:  

It is Italy - need I say more? I probably gained 15 pounds. Not sorry about it.  Also - the rumors are true. The tomatoes are magical. 

tomatoes of italy

Overall the Yacht Week really is not reality. I met people I will probably visit at some point somewhere, experienced things that some people search for for a lifetime. It certainly was an eye opening experience and shows someones true colors. There is no electricity or running water 1/2 of the time and no one even thinks twice about it.  

(Steve Jobs Mega Yacht in the Distance - FYI)

(Steve Jobs Mega Yacht in the Distance - FYI)

If I were to give advice to anyone thinking of doing it - DO IT. It is worth every penny, just make sure you have a good crew, forget the hair straighteners and high heels at home and bring your party pants. You'll need them.  

sky vodka bar yacht week

The Photo Diary


If the sun isn't your thing, European Travel Ventures decided to launch The Ski Week in Austria - I obviously had to experience that as well. Read all about it here. Which one would you prefer?