the ski week chamonix where is per

Chamonix as many already know is a city very close to my heart. After spending quite sometime here, I couldn't resist coming back for the chance to mix old memories and friends with new faces and many once in a lifetime experiences. 

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Chamonix doing just this at The Ski Week; a concept difficult for me to describe in the first place (although I tried during my first year in Obertauren). From early morning yoga sessions, long days skiing alongside some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the alps with like-minded people from all over the world it really is something special. 

the ski week chamonix flag day

The week was filled with laughter, good company, the best weather one could imagine (especially for January), late night raclette dinners, plenty of beer, 1980's jumpsuits & of course many aprés ski sessions for the books. 

chamonix the ski week where is per

the mountains

courmeyeur italy skiing

The mountains of Chamonix are hard to compare to anything else in the world. Their sheer mass and jagged peaks make it very apparent how minuscule we as humans are on this planet. The mountains surrounding the town of Chamonix put many life thoughts into perspective. Perhaps it is just me, but they also seem to create a universal sense of respect to mother nature. After all, we are only visitors. Plus, in how many places can you see the sunset & the moon at the same time while cruising down a piste? 

megeve sunset
megeve apres skiing

the skiing

swedish ski bums chamonix

Surprisingly enough, I was in Chamonix the same exact weekend the year before with essentially the same group of my favorite swedish ski bums. The first day back on the mountain made me realize why skiing is such a phenomenal sport. There is nothing quite like fresh air, knee deep powder, good company and wide open spaces to explore the largest adult playground on Earth. While skiing is a sport for a variety of levels TSW enables bunny slope babes & downhill daredevils to casually ride together on the mountain for a run or two and then venture off into the back country (or the spa) where everyone has a mutual meet up spot for a must-needed Dumay hot chocolate & a cheesy french lasagna after burning all of those calories on the slopes. 

brevent chamonix skiing off piste

the ski spots: 

Brevént | Flegere

Les Grand Montets

Courmayeur, Italy

the fika break

Let's face it - skiing is exhausting which is why there is a desperate need for 150+ ski weekers to make frequent fika breaks on the mountain... each and every day.  

the aprés ski

If it is one thing The Ski Week would not half-ass, it would, of course, be the art of the aprés ski. From bussing 180 people to Megeve to experience the infamous La Folie Douce, keeping it classic with No Limits at Chambre Neuf or ending up skiing under the moonlight in Italy with candle lit torches, The Ski Week truly does aprés ski... their way - afterall #WeAreChamonix. 

La Folie Douce - Megeve

Chambre Neuf

Courmayeur x Torch Skiing

The Everything Else

Because it is hard to categorize all of the incredible memories into one type of anything. 


terry the ski week chamonix

CRO: Chief Raclette Officer, Trevor.

chief raclette officer

Nico's Breakfast in Boots. 

bread in boots

Getting Kicked off the Bus for having fun. 

the ski week chamonix

Boys & inflatable toys. 

inflateable alligator


brose les caves chamonix

Nautical Themed Parties

& of course, "Murica"


Three cheers to Chamonix, old friends & new faces, The Ski Week & partying so hard that the DJ got kicked out of the club. Until next time. 


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