Ever since I can remember I have been waiting for this day. Not in any particular rush, but rather the day in which I can navigate a path for myself in any direction I desire. Four years ago I came to the Savannah College of Art and Design on an academic and artistic scholarship to pursue photography. I enjoyed taking photos on family trips to China, and Switzerland but I had never actually considered what career path I would follow. Four years later, I am graduating with my BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management and concentration in Business Entrepreneurship (well isn't that a mouthful). On a daily basis I am constantly asked "So Perri, Where will you go next? What will you do? What is your plan?" To be honest, I think it would be rather closed minded of me to have a direct answer because I don't think anyone ever knows. Throughout my experiences thus far I will be able to make a decision on where I will move and what job I will take because it fits in with my personal wants and needs as of this very moment in my life.  

With that being said, there is one thing I do know. I will keep on traveling. There are only a few years of every person's life where one can explore, dream, desire and live with no barriers. I have the ability to live inexpensively and simplistically in a place I love because there is nothing holding me back. For the next month, I will be traveling to Germany, Austria, India and Nepal. From skiing in the alps to backpacking throughout India and Nepal there truly are no words to describe my excitement. I hope to have the opportunity to capture the emotions of diverse cultures and the people of whom I am surrounded by to inspire you to take a moment out of your life to travel. 

I have recently been asked several questions on how to fund trips. There are a variety of ways to save money while traveling. There are plenty of opportunities to pursue a short term (3-6 month contracts) as an Au Pair, English teacher, Chalet Host, freelance designer, etc. It may not be a high paying job, but it will give you the opportunity to see the world in a way that has changed my life. If you are traveling with friends post-grad I suggest staying in hostels, splitting food costs and buying a few books to guide you along the way. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have as you plan a trip - I am happy to help. 


Anyways, I leave for the airport on Thursday, March 13 and will be returning one month later. I will try to upload photos on instagram @perrirothenberg, and will post when I return home.

Speak soon,