It has been 2 weeks since I have arrived to Scandinavia, and for those who know me best there is no surprise when I say I do not want to come home. Maybe it is the architecture, the people, the style or perhaps the overall standard of living. It is my third time visiting Stockholm and out of all of the cities I have ever visited this is the one that feels like home. I can imagine living here for a large portion of my life. With that being said this Florida girl has not experienced the cold, dark winter that everyone cries and complains about. 

I am currently interning for Lorna Jane, an Australian athletic wear company with my best friend I have not seen in two years Hanna - I am loving it. It is a healthy working environment considering their motto is Move, Nourish and Believe. Not to mention their clothes are great to wear to work out or just to lounge around. They are opening the first official store in Europe this Thursday in Stockholm, and I am glad I will be here to experience it! 

This past week I ventured to the wild west coast to visit my dear forever friends from Chamonix. I had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city by boat, plane and car. I thank everyone who hosted me and showed me where they are from, I wish they would come to Florida to visit me, hint hint.  

The overall style of scandinavia is one that no other city could beat. Perhaps it is all of the good looking people, but everyone seems to get dressed up in the morning, afternoon and night, pre/post workout, hangover, etc. It is so nice to be around people who care about themselves (no offense America)  

The moral of the story? From street style to life style Scandinavia has their shit together.  

Speak soon,