I have arrived in Cannes!  


Flying over the  French alps 

After having to slightly change plans due to Tropical Storm Andrea in Florida, I had to leave one day early for France. The 7 hour flight flew by as I slept 90% of the time. I then booked a flight from Geneva to Nice and took the bus over to Cannes in which the driver had to wake me up because I was sleeping the whole time. Oops. So there I am standing on a street corner in Cannes, surrounded by little cafés, the serene ocean, beautiful yachts and my luggage. The most interesting part would have to be the diversity of the people I have seen thus far. I am infatuated with the way people interact with an environment from different parts of the world.  I then figured my way to the school where I will be staying for the next two months. The people seem very nice, the school overlooks the ocean (dangerous, I will most likely spend my afternoons in the sun rather than studying).   

Battling slight jet lag I decided to get lost and walk around for a few hours, and boy, getting lost was an understatement. I have no idea where I was or how to get back to where I originally started but that is the fun in traveling to a foreign place. I have never been to Cannes nor do I know a single person who resides here. The architecture is romantic and the people are interesting. I am excited to eat at a few small little restaurants I saw off the beaten path. Once I learn explore more I will post the cool places I find along with a gallery of photos. 


Speak soon,