2 hours from the Riviera is a small town called Verdon.  This past weekend I traveled to this quaint town for kayaking, but ended up rafting down 15 km so of the most beautiful waters I have been on. Before the excursion we (my swiss and french classmates) went to a local market and bought warm bread, soft cheese, fresh meat and salty olives from a local stand and ate lunch by the river. We then searched for the meeting point of the place in which we were supposed to meet. The company was unorganized, gave little to no instructions (partly because he mostly spoke french) and intentionally flipped the boat over for fun. With that being said, I was like a little kid in the candy store. Rapids, climbing rocks, jumping into a 'raging' river, and meeting people from all across the world is the perfect day. It is safe to say I am making the most of my time here in France, and loving every minute of it! 

Speak soon,