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A Design Worthy Sleepover: Stockholm


A Design Worthy Sleepover: Stockholm

I had a design-worthy sleepover at the conveniently and centrally located Nordic Light Hotel in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden a couple weeks ago. Whoever said it is all in the details couldn't be more accurate. From the moment I walked into through the vast lobby I could sense the spirit of innovative design, defined by the color palette of fresh milk and white snow (my personal favorite shades of white). 

Sometimes design should speak for itself, which is why I will keep this short & sweet. 

The breakfast is instagram worthy, their swedish coffee is as strong as a viking (the way we all like it), and the service and location can't really be beat. Tack så mycket for the designspiration, it is always a pleasure. 

Hallå där 

i want it all. 

nordic light hotel 1
nordic light hotel

breakfast please. 

(those copper lamps though - obsessed.) 

Brunch at the Nordic Light Hotel

the room. 

fika time. 

No need for a sleepover? No Problem. I would also suggest grabbing a fika (swedish coffee break) if you have some time to kill before you take the Arlanda express to the airport - it is literally 100 feet from the doors of the train. 

Speak soon, 





A year in review


A year in review

It is hard to believe that just one year ago I was sitting in this same exact seat against the backlit window of the United Lounge at Newark Liberty International Airport. As I sit and sip a delicious mimosa, I watch massive 777 planes take off to Beijing and Mumbai, or local 737's land and depart domestically to locations like Miami or Houston. Every single person has a unique traveling story which is why I find airports so relaxing, some may be traveling for work and many others for pleasure. 

It is safe to say a lot has changed since last year - for the better of course! First off, it was exactly one year ago to the day that I was sitting here in Newark Airport launching this concept of a photo journal / blog whilst on my way to study abroad in the south of France. WHEREISPER was born to inspire my friends and followers to dive into the vast world in which we live. Getting out and creating your own stories are far more superior than reading Buzz Feed articles 'top destinations in your 20s' type of thing. With that being said, I have had the absolute best time sharing my journey via photo stories and blog posts with those who are interested. Within the last year alone WHEREISPER has been viewed in nearly 1,300 cities and 100 countries worldwide, a numerical figure that far surpassed any goal I had ever intended for when launching this concept of a website. With destinations like France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria, India and Nepal added to the list in 2013, I have much greater plans for travel during the start of summer in 2014. With my relocation to Germany, I am making it a personal goal to take WHEREISPER to the next level and be much more consistent with photo stories & posts making things easier to follow and interesting to read. 


Here are a few of my favorite moments from the past year - I am looking forward to sharing what the future holds for me as I start a new chapter in my life. 

Speak soon, 



Cannes, France. June 2013

Sun bathing, Studying & Wine tasting.  

Sicily, Italy. July 2013

Sailing on The Yacht Week, Sicilian Road Trips & Volcano Trekking 

Sweden. August 2013. 

Flying in Gothenburg, Sailing the archipelago, interning & Summer BBQs. 

Chamonix, France. December 2013.

Sun, Ski & Snow - need I say more?

Berlin - Dec/Jan 2014.


New York, New York. January 2014. 

Arctic Tundras & Sunday Brunches 

Munich, Germany & Obertauren, Austria. March 2014. 

Beer gardens, Hostels & The Ski Week. 

India & Nepal. March 2014. 

Overnight trains, Traditional Curry Dishes, Tuk-Tuks, Silk Factories & Elephant Baths. 

Alsace, France. April 2014. 

Easter, Wine Tastings & The Eiffel Tower.