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A Design Worthy Sleepover: Stockholm


A Design Worthy Sleepover: Stockholm

I had a design-worthy sleepover at the conveniently and centrally located Nordic Light Hotel in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden a couple weeks ago. Whoever said it is all in the details couldn't be more accurate. From the moment I walked into through the vast lobby I could sense the spirit of innovative design, defined by the color palette of fresh milk and white snow (my personal favorite shades of white). 

Sometimes design should speak for itself, which is why I will keep this short & sweet. 

The breakfast is instagram worthy, their swedish coffee is as strong as a viking (the way we all like it), and the service and location can't really be beat. Tack så mycket for the designspiration, it is always a pleasure. 

Hallå där 

i want it all. 

nordic light hotel 1
nordic light hotel

breakfast please. 

(those copper lamps though - obsessed.) 

Brunch at the Nordic Light Hotel

the room. 

fika time. 

No need for a sleepover? No Problem. I would also suggest grabbing a fika (swedish coffee break) if you have some time to kill before you take the Arlanda express to the airport - it is literally 100 feet from the doors of the train. 

Speak soon,