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Nice Jazz Festival: Earth, Wind & Fire

When I first arrived in Cannes, I started researching for things I wanted to do and see when coming here. The first weekend I arrived (June 10) I saw that the original Earth, Wind & Fire was performing at the Nice Jazz Festival. I immediately bought a ticket, and boy I am glad I did. 

I took the train to Nice in the late afternoon, did a little bit of exploring and then entered the festival. It was so well done and organized. I saw a variety of bands, people and of course enjoyed a few drinks which were surprisingly inexpensive considering it was a festival (only 2.50 Euro for a beer) 

Earth, Wind & Fire put on such a great performance and I wish it didn't have to end. The best part about this whole experience is the fact that I decided to go to this concert by myself, bizarre I know, but for those who know me best it is not surprising nor shocking. Having the ability to be in a large crowd alone to enjoy the experience is a quality that I am glad I have. I really enjoyed the overall experience and the people I met while there. 

Of course typical Perri did not plan ahead, and instead of booking a hostel to stay overnight in Nice, I took a cab back to Cannes after the concert. It was great considering my taxi driver did not speak much english so I had the opportunity to practice my french.  

Anyways, I am off to Italy for The Yacht Week this coming Wednesday - Pictures and videos to come :)


Speak soon, Per