WHAT IS this blog about? 

WHERE IS PER is a documentary photo website curated by me, Perri Rothenberg. Its mission is to emphasize the art of travel through enriching experiences. When getting ready to study abroad in France, I felt as though sharing images solely on Facebook & Instagram was rather obsolete. Imagery and stories often get lost in the mix of Buzz Feed's "Top 20 things to do in your 20's" list and "Top Vine" videos. Voila! Whereisper.com is born.


It is more of a personal hobby to share experiences from across the world with my viewers. I hope that everyone can have the opportunity to experience life away from home, and if anything I hope WHERE IS PER can be used as an inspirational guide to get out & explore the world in which we live. 



I am happiest when I am in the mountains, in the ocean, or in the sun.